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S.C.O.R.E. Credit Rebuilding Program

A free program to help rebuild your credit

Ledge Light Federal Credit Union understands in difficult times some members can lose sight of their financial obligations, especially when faced with circumstances beyond their control. The stress of not being able to meet one's financial commitments has some members seeking alternative avenues. Often, members hire "Debt Negotiation" firms to represent them to formulate a plan for repayment to their creditors. These companies typically try to negotiate lower balances on the member’s outstanding debts.

Unfortunately for our members, many of these companies are “predators” and rarely deliver anything more than a financial disaster for their clients. We encourage members who are faced with financial circumstances beyond their control, to speak with our Certified Financial Counselors before paying any money to these “debt negotiation” companies. Ledge Light’s Certified Financial Counselors are well prepared to handle these types of situations and act accordingly to discuss alternative payment plans.

Ledge Light has products and services to assist members during these difficult times. Ledge Light FCU S.C.O.R.E. Credit Rebuilding Program™ is just one of several services that has helped many members overcome debt and take back control of their financial lives.

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