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Whether you're buying your first home, refinancing, or investing in vacation property, we can help. Our flexible mortgage options can be customized to meet your needs today while planning for future goals tomorrow.

Looking for the perfect mortgage?

Ledge Light Federal Credit Union offers competitive mortgage rates, a wide range of flexible payment and term options — all backed by expert advice. Contact us about your mortgage needs and let us recommend the best mortgage for you.
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SMARTChoice Fixed Rate Mortgage

Looking to lower your rate and shorten the term of your mortgage? Ledge Light Federal Credit Union introduces our SMARTChoice 8 or 12 Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage. 

  • Low rates
  • Pay your mortgage off sooner
  • Build equity faster
  • Convenient fixed monthly payments
  • Up to 80% Loan-to-Value 
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Fixed Rate Mortgage

This traditional mortgage loan maintains its original interest rate throughout the entire life of the loan. Fluctuations in market rates won’t have any impact on the amount of interest you pay because that rate is already "fixed."

  • Convenient fixed monthly payments
  • 80% Loan-to-Value; 95% Loan-to-Value with PMI 
  • 10, 15, and 30-year terms to suit your needs
  • No-cost mortgage option available

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Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Because ARM loans are subject to rate adjustments later on, the initial interest rate is set lower than standard fixed rates. This rate provides you with initial lower payments or increased purchasing power.

  • Loan may be taken for up to 30 years (360 months).
  • Terms available are 1/1, 3/1, 5/1, 7/1.
  • Rate will change at either the 1st, 3rd, 5th, or 7th year, and yearly after that based on the index rate plus the margin. The index is the weekly average yield on the U.S. Treasury Securities. 
  • Loan has a 6.00% cap above the initial rate and cannot increase or decrease more than 2.00% at each rate adjustment.

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Jumbo Mortgage

In the market for that "once in a lifetime" dream house? If you can make a large down payment and pay all your closing costs up front, a Jumbo loan may be for you.

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Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage enables homeowners 62 years and older to convert part of the equity in their homes into income without having to sell the home, give up title, or take on a new monthly mortgage payment.

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We've eliminated the paperwork to offer you a fast, hassle-free online application process. Receive a decision within minutes. Answer a few questions and receive a rate quote from our loan consultant or contact a mortgage representative.
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With rate tracker, we can notify you via email when the interest rate or payment you are seeking becomes available. A rate lock provides you the protection and peace of mind from interest rate volatility.

Home Buying Coach
Our interactive home buying coach offers information and resources to assist you in the home buying process.
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